Staff pay less for health insurance

Northern Stevedoring Services (NSS) is putting its money where its mouth is in developing better conditions for staff.

NSS has negotiated with local provider Queensland Country Health to offer access to discounted health funds.

It was part of a package of options being developed for staff by NSS, said General Manager Mark George.

“Our people are the most important part of the business and we are interested to see what more we can do,” Mark said.

“This is a partnership arrangement between NSS and Queensland Country Health Fund which does the same thing with a number of businesses in Queensland offering similar sort of benefits. 

“We’ll offer them access and they’ll be able to distribute their information and have information sessions with the workforce and in return, they offer discount premiums. 

“There’s no obligation on either the employee or the employer, it’s just giving our employees access to potentially some discounted health funds.” 

Staff who already use Queensland Country Health as a health care provider can move across to the new arrangement said NSS finance manager Darren Locke.

“And from what I hear, the premiums are quite attractive,” Darrren said. “So potentially they could even see further benefits once we have the partnership signed up. 

”NSS is in the final stages of discussions with Queensland Health and we expect to have the arrangement up and running by the end of April.

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