At NSS, we are leaders in mine to market services.

As part of a firm commitment to innovation, NSS has revolutionised stevedoring in Regional Queensland by integrating its operations with innovative, lightweight container rotator technology (RotaboxTM).

The RotaboxTM enables NSS to handle bulk materials in the port using specially designed half-height containers. This allows NSS to provide a full ‘Pit-to-Port’ solution to their clients.

NSS provide a full ‘Pit-to-Port’ solution to several Queensland operators including Inova Resources (Osborne Mine) and Sun Metals Limited – transporting copper concentrate and zinc ferrite, respectively.

RotaboxTM benefits include:

  • Simple and safe to operate and maintain
  • Designed for use of conventional ships cranes, shore cranes or reach stackers
  • Light weight – eight tonne (plus container weight)
  • Significant reduction in product loss across both the supply chain and export chain
  • Integrated automatic lid lifter – container is sealed from load point to in-the-hold
  • Uses conventional half-height container
  • Sealed containers eliminate material rehandling
  • Free from fugitive dust emissions – environmentally friendly; assists in the achievement of high environmental standards
  • No product loss or degradation issues
  • Increased flexibility with berth selection – not dependant on a ship loader and conveyer system
  • Allows multiple loading points on geared vessels
  • 31 tonne payload of ore or concentrate
  • Lower operating costs and no wharf shiploader clean-up costs

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