Queensland company solves battery safety issue

he bane of lithium-ion battery industry is being addressed by Queensland company Alpha-HPA.

Alpha HPA says the fire-reduction technology based on its high-purity aluminium nitrate is a safety break-through.

The company is in discussion with 13 anode manufacturers and developers with the aim of commercialising the technology.

Alpha HPA has an administration base in Brisbane and a manufacturing plant in Gladstone under development to process High Purity Alumina.

The use of Lithium-ion batteries has soared with growth in electric vehicle (EV) demand, however the risk battery fire remains a significant concern.

Alpha HPA managing director Rimas Kairaitis says the company is at the forefront of a pivotal moment in battery safety.

“At its core, the Li-ion battery operates on controlled oxidation reactions,” Mr Kairaitis says.

“However, under certain conditions such as trauma or using lower quality materials, these reactions can become rapid and uncontrolled, leading to thermal runaway, otherwise known as battery fires.”

Alpha’s process utilises high-purity aluminium nitrate to coat the battery anode with a fine layer of aluminium oxide.

It builds upon that developed by battery anode manufacturer BTR New Materials in the 2010s.

Mr Kairaitis says the process ensures the safety of Li-ion batteries.

“Until now, commercialisation of this technology has been hindered by the lack of high-purity aluminium nitrate,’’ he says.

“Using Alpha’s proven Smart SX technology we have overcome this barrier, enabling the production of the world’s purest aluminium nitrate at commercial volumes and competitive industrial pricing.”

Alpha HPA says it has undertaken extensive testing and engagement with the Li-ion battery manufacturing sector.

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