NSS GM promotes international standards

There are a couple of ‘International-Day’ promotions in June that highlight how NSS does business.

These days are sanctioned by Institutions including the United Nations to help focus attention on hot spots of concern to influence a culture of pride, respect and inclusion.

Among this month’s topics we have World Environment Day, World Oceans Day, the International Day of the Seafarer and the International Day of the Tropics.

NSS operates close to the first two and in line with that our environmental practices meet or exceed the Australian standard. 

This to the point where our ship-loaders stop when wind speeds reach a certain limit and we have mist generators around our rotor box attachments. These measures are both used to reduce dust.

Not only is this a consideration for operating in an urban environment, it aligns with the values of our clients who get added triple bottom line credit for dealing with service providers employing recognised environmental credentials.

On another topic, we recognise that Seafarers bring in the ships that allow us to operate. 

The fact that the jobs gets done efficiently and effectively is a credit to both them and our staff who often need to negotiate different languages, different processes and sometimes different operating systems. 

Included in this, we note that the ocean is a demanding master and we tip our hat to their efforts.

Speaking of demanding environments and we are all fortunate to live in the tropics. 

I point to James Cook University with its dry tropics research facility and cyclone testing station, to say nothing of the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine to show how our standard of living has increased to the point where we today live in an independent and proud community which has its own character forged through this geography and climate. 

We at NSS support these promotions efforts where our practices align and do our best to encourage better standards with our staff, clients and suppliers.

Stay safe.

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