Get a flu vaccination and keep workplaces healthy this winter

Northern Stevedoring Services (NSS) staff are being offered the service free of charge.

That’s the message from NSS Business Support Manager who’s encouraging team members to get a flu shot for the upcoming winter season.

The health department said annual vaccinations are the most important measure to prevent influenza and its complications. 

It’s recommended for all staff and is being provided by Chemist Warehouse.

The program starts mid March until the end of June 2024.  Details on how to register will be provided to all staff upon commencement of the program. 

NSS is covering the cost of immunisation for all staff.

A bad season

Australian Vaccine Services (AVS) says it follows a severe 2023 flu season.

‘AVS says the Australian Immunisation Register reported nearly 8.7 million vaccinations administered from March to July (last year). 

‘Despite these efforts, the data reveals a concerning trend: overall vaccination rates have declined across all states and territories. 

‘The most notable decreases in vaccination rates have been observed in South Australia (20.6%), New South Wales (19.5%), Victoria (18.9%), and Queensland (18.6%) (ABC News, 2023).’

The concern was not only for individual, but everyone they come into contact with including loved-ones, friends and staff said Ms Collins.

“These efforts are not only crucial in preventing the immediate spread of influenza, they are also key to mitigating the burden on healthcare systems and reducing the overall impact of the flu season.

“They are saying, ‘as the country braces for the full impact of the 2024 flu season, the message from health authorities is clear: vaccinations save lives, and it is encouraged for all Australians to contribute to the vaccination effort against influenza’.

“It is something we support and I’d like to see as many staff utilising the vaccination program as possible.”

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